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About KeiKei

I'm a 19 year old UK based girl & a qualified Level 2 Beauty Therapist who is currently studying Level 3 Beauty Therapy.
I'm obsessed with beauty & particularly like Asian Beauty as it's different from Western.

Skin Type
Combination/slightly more dry

Problems with skin
Dry dull skin, dark circles & few clogged pores

Eye Colour

Quick Description of my blog:-
I made this blog to share my passion of the cosmetic/fashion world in my unique way. I do Asian product reviews & the occasional makeup tutorial & photo diary/OOTD. 


  1. Hey, I love your blog so much! You are so naturally cute! I love korean culture im australian (scottish descent) but i go to international highschool in korea. I think people here would love you so much! Many Korean people are really welcoming to people who are interested and love Korean culture!!. Anyway im visiting Australia at the moment and i was wondering it its alright if i bring in a picture of you to show the hairstylist? i really love your bangs! i got bangs cut 2 but both time sit didnt work out. the first time i got bangs cut really close to my my forehead like only 4cm long and a part behind it (i think this is the typical way bangs are cut in australia) the second time i tried to be more specific and said because i had a cowslick (hair that refuses to go either way) i need bangs more from the back to get them weight down. instead i got super thick bowl like bangs. i really love how yours are fromt he back (long) but also thin. many korean hairdressers cut bangs like this but they get a little nervous cutting caucasian hair so i didnt ask for bangs lol. sorry for the long story. anyway please keep up your blog i love it!

  2. You are so cute! You should be a model!

  3. You don't look 18! Makes two of us. :)) I'm 21 but get mistaken for 15/14. But you're way taller, I'm around 4'11-5'0. I like your blog! I'll keep checking for updates ;)

  4. Wow! You are so Kawaii :3 I am a regular reader of your blog ^-^ I love your style :D Its so Cute! ^0^

  5. Where are you originally from?? I noticed even though your English is really good, you have some mistakes. Did you grow up in Asia originally??

    1. Hi~! I was born in England - to English parents - so my English is fluent. . . I guess my typing isn't the best! No wonder I was terrible in Literature ^^;;♥


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